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SDSI has been providing IP/SIP PBX phone systems to businesses longer than almost any other network integrator in Florida. Our IP/PBX customers range in size from less than a dozen to many thousands of users. They are all types of businesses, with local, regional, national and internationally deployed users and offices. 

If you prefer "the Cloud" or a cloud-based phone system is the most appropriate for YOUR business, SDSI will analyze your needs, review the latest technology options, recommend, and help you select from our many hosted, collocated, rented, or virtualized phone system/service providers.

SDSI has worked with and deployed most of the major voice and data circuit providers for eighteen years. Our relationships with these carriers help us to not only efficiently engineer and manage the deployment of their circuits and solutions, but also provide them at the most competitive rates while overseeing their installation and implementation.

SDSI can provide VoIP service to your existing traditional PBX as well as a new IP/PBX you might want to consider. Unlimited long distance, metered scalable service, or fixed rate service is now available for all types of systems and all sizes and types of businesses. Features like failover, and direct individual phone numbers (DID), and business continuity for all!

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VoIP Products and Services:


VoIP does NOT mean "Voice over the Internet". VoIP DOES mean Voice over a Network


That is why, whether your voice is going to travel over your internal network and the Internet, or simply reside on your data network: You need a voice solution from network experts who understand voice. SDSI has the expertise and experience to design and implement the most appropriate voice solutions for your business needs.