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Project Management


What are you project management solutions?

Since 1995, SDSI has delivered IT project planning and management solutions to clients around the U.S. and multinationally. Let SDSI assist in your next IT project.

Our favorite question: "When is the last time you saw your IT staff with nothing to do?"


Our customers' favorite answer: "Let SDSI design, deliver, and deploy supported technology solutions to your IT staff.


VoIP Products & Services


Facilites Project Management

Moving your business, opening a new location or expanding? Before you sign the lease, let SDSI help inspect your new location before you move in. After 18 years of coordinating technical products and solutions for our constantly growing, expanding, and modernizing customers while maintaining a role as their trusted technology partner and advisor, consider this thought: You will benefit and save money, time, and aggravation having SDSI Enterprise Project Management working with you.


Technology Project Management

Looking to expand your technology? Even with a current IT team, SDSI can smoothly integrate with your IT team to research new technologies, understand current ones, and provide expert recommendations. We have the ability to coordinate vendors and prevent duplication, conflicts and overlaps.


Solutions Project Management

SDSI has been computerizing and modernizing businesses of all types. We will dive deep into your current IT setup, we understand what new systems can and cannot do and see how they can meet or exceed your expectations, We provide IT solutions that meet your goals at a reasonable cost.


Are you ready for reliable
and secure systems?

Stop worrying about technology problems. Focus on your business. Let us provide the support your company deserves.

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