Coordinated Threat
Systems Monitoring


Proactive Response

Do you really want your company's 40 hour work week to be put in jeopardy by what you don't know happens during the other 128 hours? How costly is it to be "surprised" by an event you didn't see coming, or in troubleshooting an event which has already brought you down. SDSI can monitor any/all of your mission critical systems and services, let you know when there has been or may be a failure and take action.

Viruses, Spyware, Intrusion, Malware, Hackers

SDSI can provide Unified Threat Management solutions to deter, detect, and delete these threats BEFORE they even arrive at your business, or defeats them at your data doorstep, or delete them from your servers, PCs or laptops. These solutions may be deployed and managed by your servers, your firewalls, or with cloud-based solutions. Ask about our encrypted e-mail offering.

Those companies that manage EVERYTHING? We can be that company. We can also be the company that advises you, designs, procures, delivers and deploys new technologies and supports them to whatever degree you decide.


SDSI has hourly pricing, project pricing, monthly support agreements, and proactive maintenance programs coordinated with our monitoring services to provide preventive programs to keep your support costs, your hardware and service expenses reduced, and your downtime or lost productivity minimal.


Businesses maintain more critical data exclusively on systems than ever before, and the vulnerabilities of those systems have not really been reduced.


SDSI will provide real-time data backup to local devices and/or the cloud. We can provide virtualization of failed systems as well. This, along with failover of voice and data traffic to multiple circuits and/or service providers, is what now allows businesses to survive systems of site failure.

Enterprise Managed
Voice and Data Systems
Managed Systems Backup
Mission Critical Failover
Business Continuity

Managed Solutions, Managed Services, Managed Systems

To the degree YOU want them managed...


SOME companies insist upon managing everything, completely. Sure, we can do that, and for some companies we do.

BUT: We can monitor your servers and critical network devices and provide you with reporting. or we can proactively take action on alerts to prevent issues from turning into costly downtime, or we can provide security and backup services for your PCs and mission critical servers, including virtualization failover for servers in the event of a failure. And all or any of this can be done in or through "the cloud" or not. Whatever you want. You Decide!