Facilities Project Management
New Location(s)? Expanding? Moving?

Before you sign the lease: Tenant Improvements (TI), those changes your new landlord commits to make BEFORE you move in. Bring in SDSI to inspect or review your prospective location BEFORE you negotiate your TI.


BEFORE you hire your contractors: SDSI will work with you and your contractors, architects, and management, to quantify your needs and be certain space is allocated, placed, cooled, powered, cabled, and contracted to meet your business needs proactively, rather than through costly CHANGE-ORDERS, retro-fitting, frustration, and limitations AFTERWARDS.


Before you sign off on your solutions:



If technologies were really standardized and integrated to be inter-operable, you wouldn't need SDSI's project management.


If all of your vendors were more concerned about the big picture of your enterprise, focused upon avoiding duplication, mitigation, conflicting, competing, impeding, or overlapping or insufficient technologies where technological co-existence is required, rather than their maintaining the specific profitability of their specific role within in that big picture, you wouldn't need SDSI project management.


After 18 years of coordinating technical products and solutions for our constantly growing, expanding, and modernizing customers while maintaining a role as their trusted technology partner and advisor, consider this thought: You will benefit and save money, time, and aggravation having SDSI Enterprise Project Management working with you.

Technology Project Management
You have your own in-house IT resources? Great! Many of our customers have a person or team in-house familiar with the technical operations of their business, and more often than not, they are very busy with the day-to-day activities to keep things running smoothly.
BUT...now: There's a technology, product, business activity you want to consider and/or acquire for your business. This often requires an understanding of the latest current solutions, vendors, options, and methods to take you beyond the way your company is doing things today.
Are your people really NOT busy with the day-to-day operations of your company? Do you really want to task them to thoroughly investigate, research and learn of these new technologies in their SPARE time?
SDSI will coordinate with your in-house people to understand your current operations and future intentions and existing technologies and vendors to design, provision, deploy, and deliver the best solutions for your desired end-result and then provide on-going support to whatever degree you desire or require.
SDSI project managers can coordinate vendors and technologies to prevent un-necessary technology costs, duplication, conflicts, overlap, or gaps. There are service providers and voice, data, security, cabling, HVAC, electrical, audio/video vendors to be coordinated and be certain your interests are maintained rather than theirs.
When we are done, we will continue to support our work to whatever degree you desire, or we will simply wait until you call us for your next project.
Get an SDSI project manager in place BEFORE the Tenant Improvements are negotiated and BEFORE the walls go up!
Solutions Project Management
Very few businesses or business people know what they do not know. What they do know are the three most impor
tant answers:
1. What your business is doing now and how you are doing it.
2. What your business would like to do or how you would like to change something.
3. How much you are willing to spend.
SDSI has been computerizing and modernizing businesses of all types and sizes for 18 years.
1. We will understand what your business is doing now and how you are doing it.
2. We know what new systems can and cannot do and how they can do it to meet or exceed your goals for your business.
3. We will provide a solution that meets your goals as effectively as possible within the constraints of your budget.