Network Infrastructure

From a review and diagraming of your current or proposed floor-plan, power and cooling concerns, to providing cabling, to deployment and configuration of network servers, firewalls, routers, switches, gateways, video and voice systems or WiFi access points. SDSI leverages its partnerships with the leading voice and data solution manufacturers and vendors to provide the forward-looking infrastructure components to carry your business for years to come.

Networked Systems Security


Every networked user and network device is a point of vulnerability for every business. This is true, whether they are located in-house, remote, mobile, or cloud-based. Many businesses do not maximize the tools they already have in hand to reduce many of these threats including Windows security and access policies. SDSI's quiver is full of target specific applications, utilities and services. We perform activities to protect against intrusion, viruses, spyware, malware, hacking, and internal or external sabotage.

Networked Systems survival


Fail-over, Business Continuity, Mission Critical Redundancy. These are all buzzwords for a wide range of solutions, price points, and applicability. SDSI works with customers to identify and prioritize their critical needs and will then recommend the appropriate solution for each and all of those concerns. Implementing local and/or cloud-based voice and data systems backup, failover, virtualization, collocation, or replication appropriately designed and deployed to address your concerns related to each networked component and system. This provides the most cost-effective, efficient, and appropriate solution for your business.

We Are NOT BOBs (Bunch of Boxes) Networking

SDSI Puts the VALUE in Value Added Reseller (VAR)


SDSI is a traditional end-to-end Solution Provider: Our sales and engineering staff maintains CERTIFIED and credentialed expertise in the hardware and software solutions we deploy. When any voice or data technology is being considered for deployment, the "big picture" approach is maintained and all affected and inter-related systems are reviewed. This may even include review of impact on your "line of business" processes and personnel resources. SDSI approaches all projects as "your technology partner"